VocalBoothToGo.com Sponsors FAFFCON 7 Voice Over Conference



VocalBoothToGo.com was a key supporting sponsor of FAFFCON 7, held Sept 18 to 21, in Phoenix AZ. FAFFCON, the voice over unconference, is a participant-driven professional development event for working voiceover industry professionals. This event is consistently credited with helping establish peer-to-peer connections between its participants in a very informal and friendly manner and helping all take their careers to the next level.

By being involved in FAFFCON, VocalBoothToGo gladly shared its experience and expertise in creating a space for home recording studios and having a recording studio away from your home studio to help professionals to be productive and independent — whether recording at home or on the road.  VocalBoothToGo demonstrated the benefits of its Carry On Vocal Booth, which was brought to the conference as an actual carry-on on two airplanes, without any issues.

FAFFCON was a blast. Hooray to our new friends!

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