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Sound-on-Sound Interview with...

Sound-on-Sound magazine interview with at 2016 Summer NAMM show.

This is a Report by Sound-on-Sound from the 2016 NAMM show in Nashville.
Testing Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB33 that was presented at the show.

Mobile Acoustic vocal booth
Portable sound booth Carry-On Vocal booth
Mobile Sound Isolation booth ( Sound proof(er) Sound booth) SPB33

Obama endorses VocalBoothtoGo Products...

Sound Isolation booth is Awesome!
It comes at a good price!
It’s really working!

It’s true. Obama said it.
I just arranged the words accordingly!
Soundproof(er) sound isolation booth SPB66 :
Best use is for music band or drum practice and audio recording. Also great for Conference and trade show.
Soundproof(er) Sound booth SPB33 for Voice over and singing practice
(Practice your instruments or vocals without creating angry neighbors in the process.)
Carry-on Portable Vocal booth
(This portable vocal booth exceeds any other portable booths in its acoustic quality, portability and ease of assembly. Unbeatable for use on the road for urgent recording in a car or train.)

Sound isolation soundproof(er) booth...

Soundproof(er) Sound Booth SPB33 for singing practice. REVIEW and Testimonial.

This is a testimonial from our customer in NEW YORK. She was a passionate singer of Indian classic songs and had to practice starting as early as 5 AM in the morning and for hours on weekends. It got to the point where she either had to move out and quit her job in order to continue singing or get an isolation booth that would allow her to do both.

She made her choice….
Mobile SoundProofer Sound Booth, SPB33

Review of Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB33...

Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB33 REVIEW.

This video is a courtesy of an accomplished voice over actor from Canada – Daniel Pronce.
He was very happy with his mobile acoustical Vocal booth, so he made a review for his subscribers and generously sent us a copy to use. See how he set up the booth, fit his audio equipment, microphones etc. Daniel also described how the booth arrived and how easy it was to assemble the vocal booth. He also included sound samples. ( singing and playing guitar).
Order here: Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, AVB33

Noise reduction. Acoustic Vocal booth...

How much is the Noise reduction of Acoustic Vocal booth?

This video demonstrates the soundproofing capacity of the AVB33 – Acoustic Vocal Booth. We tested it at the 2016 Summer NAMM show. Acoustic vocal booth primary purpose is to cut down on echo and reverberation for clear audio recording, but they also reduce the noise level.
In this video it is demonstrated that the AVB33 blocks approximately 10 dB of noise.
Vocal booth sizes here: Acoustic Vocal Booths for voice over

Portable acoustic vocal booths review...

In this Video George Whittam (director of Technology at EdgeStudio) compares four portable vocal booth solutions for Voice over work:
Porta-Booth Pro by Harlan Hogan, Kaotica Eyeball, Carry-on Vocal Booth 2.0 from and FlexiBooth from Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions.
You can hear how they sound in comparison to each other.
George did not share his personal preferences, but you can clearly hear the difference in sound recording.
So you be the judge.
(Of course we believe that our booth sounds the best!)

For more details about Carry-on Vocal Booth and to order go here:

The option that includes the Microphone and the Mic stand with all otheer acccessories mentioned in the video is the Voice Over Success kit:
If you have any questions – please let us know at


Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB63 Review. Voice over actors recording in the sound booth. Audio samples. Construction of the vocal booth with sound blankets. This is a make-shift vocal booth made with frames covered with acoustic blankets. Made and sent by a customer from the UK.