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Acoustic Vocal booth 33 ( AVB33)...

Acoustic Vocal booth 33 ( AVB33) reduced about 10 dB of noise at the 2016 Summer NAMM show.

AVB booths series designed to cancel echo and reverberations fro clear audio recording, but because they absorb sound energy coming through, they therefore also reduce the noise level.

For example air-conditioner noise, other humming noises can be effectively dampen by AVB33.


Do sound blankets work for snoring?

Are the acoustic sound blankets Producer’s choice a miracle solution of snoring problem?

This remains to be seen….



Portable acoustic vocal booths review...

In this Video George Whittam (director of Technology at EdgeStudio) compares four portable vocal booth solutions for Voice over work:
Porta-Booth Pro by Harlan Hogan, Kaotica Eyeball, Carry-on Vocal Booth 2.0 from and FlexiBooth from Primacoustic Acoustic Solutions.
You can hear how they sound in comparison to each other.
George did not share his personal preferences, but you can clearly hear the difference in sound recording.
So you be the judge.
(Of course we believe that our booth sounds the best!)

For more details about Carry-on Vocal Booth and to order go here:

The option that includes the Microphone and the Mic stand with all otheer acccessories mentioned in the video is the Voice Over Success kit:
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