Reviews from customers

 Fatima R. 

Thank you so much!! You guys have the best customer service. This morning I called, someone answered after 2 rings and took care of me right away and you responded quickly by email and actually paid attention to my order and made sure I ordered the right products. Thank you!! You have a fabulous day!

2017- May 15

“We were very happy with sound quality (of the Carry-on Vocal Booth), even from a hospital room!”

2017- March 17

Randye Kaye, Voice Actor

“For over 7 years, I’ve had my office desk 6 ft. away from a rack of computer servers and their cooling fan whining. After visiting your site, I ordered 3 of the Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets and 1 section of hanging track. I hung these up around my server rack and the amount of noise reduction was amazing! I would recommend these for those in small/home offices that have their computers/servers in a common location and would like to reduce the sounds they make.”

2016 -December 25


“I am happy that you gave me the right advice and not just which of your product will help me. Very thankful.”

2015-June 24


“We rented a 6 x 3 Acoustical Vocal Booth from VocalBoothToGo for an event. We received the booth on time, it was easy to assemble and it met our needs for our event. I would definitely recommend renting from VocalBoothToGo if you need to use a vocal booth for just a short period.”

2016- August 21

Steve VanDusen, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“Just wanted to let you know that my experience with the Vocal Booth went well on my vacation. In fact, I booked one of the jobs I auditioned for while away”

2016- July- 6


“Unbelievable! Arrived this morning! I’ve already fluffed them and put them to work. Couldn’t be happier.”

2016 September 18


“I have received the blankets and set them up. They have made great improvement on the sound in my drum room. Thank you so much!”

2016 October 1



“I’ve been using them for 10 months now. The sound is very controlled inside the room & I would say that the sound outside is considerably reduced. The blankets are double thickness over the outer wall and two internal walls & the window area is packed with foam & thick upholstery to cut more noise through that area. I play for about an hour a day & have had no complaints. The neighbors say they can hear me of course, but it’s not so bad.”  Video review

2016- April 15