Reviews from customers

“The Vocal Booth To Go AVB-33 has been a real treat to my work as a VO Artist. Lots of space for all my equipment, a solid construction that fits nicely into any working room and of course ample space to perform!”

Bhav Parmar /

Here’s my whisper room lined with Producers Choice blankets instead of foam. I find the blankets do a much better job of acoustically treating the inside of the booth

Paul Stefano /

I travel with my VocalBoothToGo VOMO everywhere. During my trip to Jamaica, I was able to do a VO gig without any issues and afterwards went out to relax on the beach.

Jorge Infante /
Sound Absorption Strip - close up

“Hi Vocal Booth Team!
I just wanted to write to provide some quick feedback on my order.  I was truly impressed with how quickly you responded and got my product out the door.  Your blankets are being used as sound curtains in my home project and rehearsal studio — hung over doors and windows.  They work incredibly well!  My punk band is now happily practicing in my HOA governed neighborhood without the slightest complaint from my neighbors.

I will be posting a review video on YouTube shortly, demonstrating how we’re using the blankets but I wanted to drop this note directly to you.  Thanks for a great product and EXCELLENT customer service!”

Jason / The Bitters

I am very pleased with the blankets!Also, your customer service is exceptional.Keep up the good work.
Thought I’d share a few photos of my new booth!Products:

Acoustic Blankets VB72G with custom grommets

Ken Masarie / Boulder, CO 80301
SoundBoothBlankets for Acoustic treatment

Thanks for the blankets!!They work very well.They are almost twice the size of the window so I doubled each one and draped them over the compressed rubber sheets that fit snugly in the window frame.The birds have been cancelled out and 75% of aircraft noise too so I am delighted.If this new venture of mine does well then I shall go in for a proper sound booth either solid or material.Bottom line is cost really!!!

Thanks again for the good customer service.

Click Products: Sound Absorption Blankets

Stockton H / Sun King Media

How is it cooking? In order to save floor space I came up with this idea for my the screen.I´m really happy with the booth, the soundproofing is better than what I expected and the soundrecordning quality is good enough for doing whatever I want. 🙂
Easter Greetings from Stockholm

Mobile Sound Proofer Vocal booth SPB33, with soundproofing

Eric / Eric Lundholm
VOMO Carry-On Portable Vocal Booth for vocal recording.

The Vomo product I bought from you is excellent in many respects. As a voice-over artist on the move it provides me with excellent portable recording studio quality at a reasonable price. I had been contemplating purchasing a similar product from another company that is twice the price. I am also very impressed by the customer service and the excellent instruction video.
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October 31, 2017

Sebastian. UK / UK Company
Customize my order

Thank you so much!! You guys have the best customer service. This morning I called, someone answered after 2 rings and took care of me right away and you responded quickly by email and actually paid attention to my order and made sure I ordered the right products. Thank you!! You have a fabulous day!
2017- May 15
“We were very happy with sound quality (of the Carry-on Vocal Booth), even from a hospital room!”
2017- March 17

Fatima R.

“For over 7 years, I’ve had my office desk 6 ft. away from a rack of computer servers and their cooling fan whining. After visiting your site, I ordered 3 of the Producer’s Choice Acoustic Sound Blankets and 1 section of hanging track. I hung these up around my server rack and the amount of noise reduction was amazing! I would recommend these for those in small/home offices that have their computers/servers in a common location and would like to reduce the sounds they make.”

2016 -December 25

Randye Kaye, Voice Actor
Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets

Excellent work. Very good theme, No need support, works perfectly. Congratulations !!
Waiting for version 3.0. Very excited.

VocalBoothToGo - Mobile Vocal Booth

“We rented a 6 x 3 Acoustical Vocal Booth from VocalBoothToGo for an event. We received the booth on time, it was easy to assemble and it met our needs for our event. I would definitely recommend renting from VocalBoothToGo if you need to use a vocal booth for just a short period.”

2016- August 21

Portable Vocal Booth-Set up for recording-Hood Open

“Just wanted to let you know that my experience with the Vocal Booth went well on my vacation. In fact, I booked one of the jobs I auditioned for while away”
2016- July- 6

Steve VanDusen / Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

“Unbelievable! Arrived this morning! I’ve already fluffed them and put them to work. Couldn’t be happier.”

2016 September 18

LA_RadioStudio-AcousticTretment with SoundBlankets

“I have received the blankets and set them up. They have made great improvement on the sound in my drum room. Thank you so much!”

2016 October 1


“I’ve been using them for 10 months now. The sound is very controlled inside the room & I would say that the sound outside is considerably reduced. The blankets are double thickness over the outer wall and two internal walls & the window area is packed with foam & thick upholstery to cut more noise through that area. I play for about an hour a day & have had no complaints. The neighbors say they can hear me of course, but it’s not so bad.”
Video review

2016- April 15