SoundProof(er) Sound Booth 3’ x 3’

     Assembly Instructions


  • (16) Straight Pieces
  • (4) Straight Connectors
  • (8) 3-Way Corner Connectors
  • (2) Producer’s Choice Sound Absorption Blankets
  • (3) Sound Blocking Wall Panels
  • (1) Sound Blocking Ceiling Panel
  • (1) Sound Blocking Door
  • (4) Small Corner Sealing Strips
  • (4) Medium Corner Sealing Strips
  • (4) Long Corner Sealing Strips
  • (2) Storage Bag For Easy Transport
  • (1) Frame Bag
  • (1) LED Strip Light

Frame Assembly

  1. Assemble a square on the floor using 4 straight pieces and 4 3-way corner connectors, leaving the third prong of the connector facing up.  



  1. Use the 4 straight connectors and 8 straight pieces to make 4 double-long poles, and insert them into the open prongs of the 3-way connectors.  

  1. Make another square using the remaining straight pieces and 3-way corner connectors. Place it on top of the four double-long poles by attaching the open prongs of the 3-way corner connectors to the 4 standing poles. This completes the frame.


  1. Use the Velcro strips to hang the Producer’s choice wall panels around the frame.



  1. Hook the sound blocking panels to the frame outside of the blankets. 

  1. Attach the ceiling sound blocking panel.


  1. Attach the corner sealing strips to the exposed Velcro on the sound blocking panels. The large sealing strips go outside the vertical Velcro strips, the medium sealing strips go on the horizontal spaces along the top, and the small sealing strips sit on the four top corners.


  1. Record and enjoy! 

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