In this video we will show you how to apply the panels for the Soundproof(er) Sound Booth 6 x 3 (SPB 63).

The complete set of panels consists of:
Absorption Panels
3 absorption panels

Sound Blocking Panels
1 door panel
5 wall panels
1 rectangular roof panel
6 top seal strips
6 vertical seal strips
6 corner seal strips

2 lights and adapters

After assembling the frame, start hanging the absorption panels. Secure the panels to the top of the aluminum frame. Leave a space large enough to enter/exit through the door.

After you have finished hanging the absorption panels, hang the door panel. All sound blocking panels are equipped with hanging brackets for easy installation.

The door panel is equipped with side velcro tie-ups that need to be secured to the frame.

Next, hang the wall panels. Hang them so that the sound blocking panels are touching, but not overlapping.

After the wall sound blocking panels are in place, put the roof top panel on the frame. The roof panel also has velcro tie-ups to attach to the frame.

Next, join the sound blocking wall panels with the vertical seal strip. Do the same with the top seal strips.

Finally, seal the top corners with the corner seal strips. Corner seal strips are designed in a way that they can fold over themselves, forming a corner.

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