In this video we will show you how to assemble the frame for the Soundproof(er) Sound Booth 6 x 3 (SPB 63).

The complete frame consists of:
27 straight poles
8 three way connectors
2 “T” connectors
2 four way connectors
4 “Y” connectors
6 straight pole connectors

To assemble the frame, start by putting together the bottom and top frames.

The three way connector has one hole in the bottom legs, and two holes in the top leg of the connector. The top leg of the connector should be facing up.

Each side of the frame will be connected by a “T” connector in the middle.

Start connecting the straight poles in the bottom of the frame.

Attach the straight connector on all of the straight poles, and then connect straight poles on top of all of the straight connectors.

The top of the frame will be assembled the same way, except each side will be joined by a four way connector instead of a “T” connector.

If you are assembling the frame by yourself, the easiest way to attach the top rectangle is to put the first half of the top frame on first. Then, attach the remaining top half of the frame.

Place the “Y” connectors on each end of the remaining two straight poles. Slide them both into place.

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