The SoundART panels should be installed in this order.

  1. Pro Curve Panel
  2. Sky Panel
  3. Broadband Absorption Corner Panel
  4. First Reflection Panels


1.Pro Curve Panel installation

Install the large screw hooks into the wall just before the ceiling and the wall meet. There is typically always a stud where the ceiling and wall meet. Installing the screw hooks here will be the most stable area to support the weight of the blanket. Where the blanket ends on the ceiling should be directly above your mix position.

  1. Once the screw hooks have been installed in the wall, hang the cords at the center of the blanket onto the screw hooks.
  2. Extend the top of the blanket so it is taught, and parallel to the ceiling. Mark where the grommets are.
  3. Drill a hole for each grommet, large enough for the s hook anchor.
  4. Once all marked holes have been tapped, screw in the anchor, then screw the s hook into the anchor.
  5. Bring the blanket back up to the ceiling and hang the grommets from the s hooks.
  6. The bottom of the panel can be left to hang free or can be nailed in place.

2.Sky Panel installation

After installing the pro curve panel, place the sky panel directly in front of it. The sky panel and the pro curve panel will occupy approximately 9 feet of space, which is important to keep in mind when placing the sky panel. The panels can overlap if need be. The sky panel grommets can be hung on the pro curve panel ceiling s hooks if need be as well, but it is recommended that they hang by their own anchors and hooks.

  1. Place the panel where desired and mark where the grommets are, and where the center support cord is.
  2. Drill a hole where the center support cord will be.
  3. Screw in the anchor and s hook. Hang the blanket from the support cord. This is where the weight of the blanket will be supported.
  4. After hanging the blanket from the support cord, drill all holes for the anchors and s hooks where the remaining grommets will be attached.
  5. Screw in the anchors and s hooks, and hang the blanket on the grommets.

3. Broadband Corner Absorption Panel installation

The Broadband Corner absorption panels should be installed after the pro curve panel and the sky panel. This will allow you to shape the ceiling kit around the sky panel if need be. The corner panels should not interfere with the direction of the sky panel but it will be occupying approximately 5 feet of each of the side walls

  1. Mark the curved shape of track on the ceiling. You will want all side of the panel to be protruding at least 6 inches away from each wall.
  2. Once the shape of the curve has been marked, evenly space where each track mount will be drilled into the ceiling and mark those placements.
  3. Once the mounts have been marked, screw each mount into place.
  4. After screwing in the mounts, place the track into the mounts.
  5. Place the s hooks between the ceiling and the track where the grommets will be hung.
  6. Place the grommets on the s hooks one at a time. You may need someone to hold the blanket up while you hang the panel on the s hooks so it does not rip the s hooks or track out of place.


4. First Reflection Panel installation

Finally, it is time to install the first reflection panels. The best way to place these panels is to sit at your mix position and have a friend hold a small mirror on the side walls, and move it until you see your monitors in the mirror. This is where the first reflections will occur. The first reflection panels may intersect with your corner panels. This is completely fine, as long as the panel is covering the area you see in the mirror.

  1. Once the desired position has been decided, mark where the grommets are.
  2. Screw in the anchors and hooks where the grommets have been marked.
  3. Hang the blanket on the screws and anchors.