VocalBoothToGo.com is Moving!

A New Year means a new bigger and better space for us and our customers.

We are cleaning out our old inventory and getting ready to restock.

Take advantage of these low discounted prices while they last!


All products listed currently on sale through February 15, 2016. 

Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets

Producer’s Choice Acoustic Blankets 6 pack- 15% off

Hook Screws- 50% off

Vocal Book on Tracks, Track Kit- 50% off

Script/iPad Holder- 50% off

Miniboom- 50% off

Mass Loaded Vinyl Rolls- 45% off

Vocal Booth Carrier Duffle Bags- 25% off

Vocal Booth 3 x 3- 25% Off

Vocal Booth 6 x 3- 15% off