SPB-BG (1) Sound Booth Blankets Producers Choice- White-Black. Size (80″x80″) WITH VELCRO TIE UPS AND GROMMETS. SINGLE.



Sound Booth Producer Choice Blankets were designed to go on a frame of a sound booth for sound absorption and preventing the “boomy” sound.
They measure 80  inches wide by 80 inches long with nine 2 inch Velcro tie ups at the top. The tie ups are for suspending the blankets on a horizontal support bar. So if you, for example, made your own  frame out of 0.5 inch PVC pipes, you can easily hang these blankets on that frame.

The blankets also include 6 grommets. This allows then to be used as a wall blanket and you can hang them the usual way on a screw hook.