ACCU Booth 6 = Acoustic Vocal Booth 6×6 (AVB6)


it is called ACCU Booth because it allows you to record  Accurate sound, just the way you intended it to be recorded. Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booth, (AVB66) is a portable walk-in audio recording studio that gives you an immediate acoustically treated room anywhere you set it up. Our pop-up aluminum frame is easy to setup and take down in minutes. It is spacious enough to fit in a desk and a chair for an interviewer and couple of extra chairs for guests. It can also fit a Drum set or a small band.

Booth is made out of Producer’s choice acoustic blanket material, 80% sound absorption ( NRC 0.8)  Noise dampening is approximately 10 dB.

NOTE: Acoustic Vocal booths are NOT soundproof.

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Please note: booths can take up to 5 business days to ship out…

**Coronavirus restrictions may increase production times**