Acoustic Felt Panels – AFP


Acoustic Felt is a new sound absorption product developed by VocalBoothToGo for easy and efficient treatment of home recording studios and offices.

The acoustic felt can be wrapped in a custom printed fabric or hung on the wall as is.

It comes in 24″ x 48″ panels available in a 2 inch thickness.  It has great sound absorption properties and tested at NRC – 0.9 in 2 inch thickness and NRC 1.15 in 4 inch thickness (doubled up).

Besides being a great sound absorber this product is fire retardant, so it is safe to us in homes and offices, it does not produce any dust like rockwool or fiberglass, will not deteriorate over time like acoustic foam and does not have any smell or emit any harmful fumes.  Because you do not have to glue it to a wall, the Acoustic Felt Panels can also move with you anywhere you go.

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