All Black Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket with Grommets  


  Pack of six (6) Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets with Grommets All Black 80 x 80.  


  Buy 5 Blankets, Get 1 Free! Best package price available!


  All Black Large Producer's Choice Sound Blanket with Grommets Fits an entire 8 ft. wall perfectly and hangs easily


  Six (6) Pack of Our Best Selling Sound absorption acoustic  Blankets. All Black with Black stitching. 8 Grommets on 80 inch side.  

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  Sound Booth Blankets Producer choice were designed to go on a frame of a sound booth for sound absorption, and to prevent a "boomy"…


  Large Producers Choice Acoustic Blanket- Black/White. (No Grommets)


  Set of Six (6) Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets- Black


This Sound Isolation Hood is designed to provide superior acoustic environment when recording voice over in our portable Vocal Booths. It is designed to cover…

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Mobile Sound Booth 6x3 with soundproofing provides up to 45 dB sound reduction and suitable for Voice over recording, singing practice, musical instruments practice, audiometry…


Whole Roll of Mass Loaded Vinyl.  


Reinforced Limp Mass Sound barrier. STC 27. Can be used as exterior sound barrier, as a fence liner or for interior wall soundproofing. This Mass…