All Black Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket with Grommets  


  All Black Large Producer's Choice Sound Blanket with Grommets Fits an entire 8 ft. wall perfectly and hangs easily


    Set of six (6) Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets- All Black


  Large Producers Choice Acoustic Blanket- Black/White. (No Grommets)


  Set of Six (6) Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets- Black


Acoustic blankets to cut reflection from the ceiling. Sound blanket is 24 x 48 inches and has grommets all around it for easy attachment to…


Broadband acoustic panel, bass trap and sound absorption cloud The broadband acoustic bass trap and cloud can be used both as bass traps located in…


Add Grommets to your blankets for easy hanging!


This is a 40 ft long xx 6.5 ft ( 80 inches) wide roll of Producer choice acoustic material.  This is a great product for…