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    Broadband acoustic panel and Bass Trap

    Broadband acoustic panel, bass trap and sound absorption cloud

    The broadband acoustic bass trap and cloud can be used both as bass traps located in the corners or hang from the ceiling as a sound absorption cloud. The panels are more efficient, more absorptive than acoustic foam, Unlike acoustic foam that has to be glued to the wall, panels can be moved and adjusted as necessary, they will not disintegrate and become brittle over time as acoustic foam does.

    Panels can be hang vertically or horizontally as a corner bass trap, or on a wall. Stainless steel S-hooks allow to suspend the panels approximately 3 inches away from the wall or ceiling surface for better acoustics.

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    Free standing broadband acoustic panel and bass trap

    Free standing broadband acoustic panels/bass trap

    These uniquely designed Free standing Broadband sound absorption panels (Acoustic Gobo) can do it all.  Easily move the panels around where movable/temporary acoustic treatment is required. Great for  on stage live music band performers to prevent a backslap from brick walls, and on small stages in locations with bad acoustics.  Create separation between instruments. Surround yourself with three or more panels to create a vocal booth.    Panels can be used as a corner bass trap or Sound Absorption cloud.  Treat your first reflection points treatment.  Adjust the height to allow for clear line of vision, yet separate the instruments.   The panels are portable. and can be taken to a live gig anywhere.


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    Sound ART™ Basic



    The Sound ART™ Basic package is optimal for small studio recording. The small enclosure allows for the least amount of reflections and is the most conducive to a recording environment for all of your single microphone needs.

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    Sound ART™ Intermediate



    The Sound ART™ Intermediate package is ideal for most recording and mixing scenarios. The goal of Sound ART™ Intermediate is to treat reflections and standing waves but to also retain some of your room’s reflective properties.

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    Sound ART™ Studio Pro



    The Studio Pro package will meet all of your recording and mixing needs. Sound ART™ Studio Pro corrects standing waves, first reflections, and low frequency accumulation. Perfect for control room/mixing functions.

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    Get the most out of your recording studio with Sound ART™
    With many audio editing platforms available today, recording can be done in the comfort of your own home. Although it is not as easy as downloading software, buying a microphone and pressing record.

    If you ask a professional, room acoustics are paramount. Every professional recording studio is fine tuned to get the best sound right away.

    Every room sounds different depending on the shape, size and build yet they all have similar issues that can be corrected with proper treatment.

    We have engineered the Sound Acoustic Room Treatment (Sound ART) for different room sizes to treat your first reflections, reduce reverb time, and achieve a uniform frequency response throughout the room. Sound ART™ helps to treat your first reflections by introducing sound absorption panels at the first reflection points. Sound ART™ will reduce reverberation time in your studio by absorbing sound reflected from the walls.

    Sound ART™ will help you to achieve uniform frequency response throughout the room by calculated placement of sound absorption blankets in strategic locations.