Are you trying to practice your singing, play your instruments, but neighbors are complaining?
Are you trying to record Voice over, or a new song, but it is too noisy outside?
We have the Solution!
It is a highly efficient sound booth, blocking about 35dB of noise (up to 45dB in high frequency), yet it is truly portable.
Unlike solid built vocal booths, that require a special truck service to deliver the parts, this booth can be easily transported by a regular passenger car or even shipped by post!    People in the know, know exactly what we are talking about– it is the

Soundproof(er) Sound Booth!

NEW 2018 MODEL, was completely redesigned to

Here is the sneak peek of the new features:  NEW Sound Booth SPB33 Features and here is the SOUND BOOTH TEST VIDEO  so you can see how efficient it is.
We have two NEW models available SPB33-2018 and SPB66-2018.

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(AVAILABLE IN JULY/AUGUST) Mobile SoundProof-er Vocal booth SPB66, with soundproofing (NEW 2018 MODEL) and sound absorption panels. Sound booth, provides up to 45 dB noise…


Mobile Sound Proofer Vocal booth SPB33, with soundproofing and sound absorption panels. Great for Voice over, Singing practice, Individual musical instruments practice, audiometry testing and…


(AVAILABLE IN JULY/AUGUST) Mobile Sound Booth 6x3 with soundproofing provides up to 45 dB sound reduction and suitable for Voice over recording, singing practice, musical…