DIY Vocal Booth and Soundproofing Supplies

Want to build your own custom booth? Have a lighter budget and don’t want to jump for the more expensive booths? Various customizations are available for blankets, as well as soundproofing panels of varying thickness. Get the solution you want to make it yourself!


This anti-vibration mat with soundproofing is normally used in conjunction with our Sound Proof(er) booths, used to isolate them from the floor and to provide…


Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket with a Clear Vinyl Window


$35 is a minimum customization fee that is charged PER BLANKET for small changes and adjustments. All custom orders are non returnable and nonrefundable. Please…


Add Grommets to your blankets for easy hanging!


This is a 40 ft long xx 6.5 ft ( 80 inches) wide roll of Producer choice acoustic material.  This is a great product for…


Whole Roll of Mass Loaded Vinyl.  


Mass Loaded Vinyl to soundproof your doors or walls. The length with cover the room wall from floor to ceiling. 4 ft wide.  


Reinforced Limp Mass Sound barrier. STC 27. Can be used as exterior sound barrier, as a fence liner or for interior wall soundproofing. This Mass…


Reinforced multilayered flexible sound blocking panel with STC rating of 35. Soundproofing efficiency similar to internal wall with two layers of drywall. (Single layer of…


This fan speed controller is designed to be used with our ventilation fans which come in 4 inch and 6 inch sizes depending on the…


Every element of the fan was crafted to maximize noise reduction.  Blades are treated to reduce noise of the Ventilation fan.  Special sound proof case…