Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets provide beautifully precise recordings. Producer’s Choice is not just our brand name, it’s a fact! Producers choose our blankets time…


  Set of Six (6) Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets- Black


Add Grommets to your blankets for easy hanging!

Sound absorption is the ability of material to reduce the energy of sound waves. Sound absorption panels are not meant to stop sound. They are highly effective for acoustic room treatment to reduce echo and reverb, which you hear in a room with hard surfaces such as bare walls and create acoustically dead recording space this will result in high quality audio recordings. With that goal in mind, we created our line of Producer's Choice Sound Blankets. Producers choice sound blankets have substantial sound absorptive cotton filler and sound transparent outer fabric. Producer's Choice acoustic soundproofing blankets were tested in Professional acoustic lab to show an impressive 95% noise reduction ( NRC 0.95), when hung in pleated fashion. When used properly they are nearly as effective as 3 inch acoustic Foam at only a fraction of the cost! Producers Choice acoustic blankets earned endorsements from professional voice-over actors’ musicians and producers. (See their testimonials here)