Soundproofing and sound blocking products such as Mass loaded Vinyl and other dense and heavy products that stop sound transmission from one area to another across a barrier belong to the SOUND BLOCK products group.

SOUND BLOCKING Product.  Sound Blocking Products are products that stop the sound from going through it.   Sound Blocking material reflect the sound, instead of absorbing it. The sound bounces off the soundblocking barrier kind of like a tennis ball bounces off a wall.  Sound Blocking materials do not reduce sound energy, but rather work as a barrier on the way of a sound wave.  This process is known as Sound Transmission Loss.  (STL) Sound blocking Products are used to stop sound from going from one room to another.  Sound Blocking material are usually solid, like brick, steel, concrete wall.
SoundBlocking efficiency of different materials is measured by using a single number coefficient, STC = Sound Transmission Class.  STC 33 means 33dB sound transmission loss.
Factors that affect Sound Blocking efficacy of a material:  Mass.


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