Acoustic room treatment is important for quality audio recording.

Soundproofing products stop noise and block sound from coming in and out of home recording studio


This anti-vibration mat set (2) with soundproofing is used in conjunction with our Sound Proof(er) booths, used to isolate them from the floor and to…


Of course, the best acoustic room treatment can be achieved with Sound blankets Producer's Choice. In this group we assembled more specialized products to treat…

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Most noise source is coming through windows or doors. here we have specially constructed Window and door noise control blankets. For a heavy duty sound…

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Special sound proofing panels and rolls of Reinforced Mass Loaded vinyl to stop noise coming in or out of your studio.  Great product for DIY…

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Do you have noise coming in from a small window? Our MLV loaded vinyl covered window cover can help BIG TIME! This can reduce up…


Ceiling track kits to set up Vocal booth on demand, or divide you room in half, Wall mount tracks to create a removable acoustic treatment.…

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Door Covers made of our Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket Material, double layered.


Sound Booth Producer Choice Blankets were designed to go on a frame of a sound booth for sound absorption and preventing the "boomy" sound. They…


Sound Absorption Strip, (SAS)  is a 16 x 80 inch strip of Producer's Choice acoustic blanket, designed for acoustic room treatment in the corners, between windows…


The Window Noise Control Blanket is made out of Producer's Choice Sound Blankets, which is widely used by drummers, voice actors and others in audio…


Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket with a Clear Vinyl Window

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