Made with the Producer’s Choice Acoustic blanket material, these products are designed to help you add that professional touch to your home studio.


Door Covers made of our Producer's Choice Acoustic Blanket Material


Studio-Grade Window Blanket for full coverage and noise absorption

Out of stock

This blanket is currently out of stock. Acoustic blankets to cut reflection from the ceiling. Sound blanket is 24 x 48 inches and has grommets…


This blanket is currently on a little backorder. You can expect it to ship within a week of your purchase. Ceiling Sound Baffle allows you…


Broadband acoustic panel, bass trap and sound absorption cloud The broadband acoustic bass trap and cloud can be used both as bass traps located in…


Free standing broadband acoustic panels/bass trap These uniquely designed Free standing Broadband sound absorption panels (Acoustic Gobo) can do it all.  Easily move the panels around where…