Accessories for Vocal Booths and Recording

Accessories to go with your booth and aid you in top-quality recording.


Sound Absorption Strip, (SAS)  is a 12 x 80 inch strip of acoustic blanket Producer's Choice, designed for acoustic room treatment in the corners ,…

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Anti-vibration mat designed to reduce noise by decoupling your equipment from the structural elements of a building. The Noise Cancelling Mat is 1 inch thick…

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USB Pen with 8G of storage space


Every element of the fan was crafted to maximize noise reduction.  Blades are treated to reduce noise of the Ventilation fan.  Special sound proof case…


Brilliantly designed effective noise cancelling device


Roadworthy Carrying Bag for your Mobile Vocal Booth and all its parts! Double section design for metal frame and Absorption Panels. additional pockets for misc…


Easy for your eyes and silent No-Noise LED Lights were specifically designed for Vocal Booths and sound isolation enclosures where silence is a must. 30…


Professional FET Condenser Microphone VBM-90S is a multi-pattern, small condenser studio microphone With elegant shape and clean sound make VBM 90S suitable for recording voice…


Extendable Microphone Stand Works well with the Script Holder and the Carry-on Vocal Booth


MiniBoom is a very neat device that allows you to mount two pieces of equipment such as Microphone and a script holder, or position pop…


Our Pop Filter will help mind your "P"s & "B"s on your recordings!


Our Pop Filter will help mind your "P"s & "B"s on your recordings!