CUSTOM size Precut PVC Vocal Booth Frame KIT. Assembly Instructions

PVC Frame for Vocal Booth
PVC Frame for Vocal Booth

Complete vocal booth made with PVC has two major components:

a – sound absorption covers and

b – a frame to support it.

In our Precut PVC frame Kits we use 1” Schedule 40 PVC pipes  and furniture grade PVC connectors.

In larger size frames we provide 4-way Connectors for the top frame portion, so you can add cross bars.

We do not provide the cross bars due to shipping size limitations.

The Cross bars size mentioned in this instructions is for you to cut.

PVC Glue.  We strongly recommend to glue the pieces together.
(You can try using it without gluing it, of course, but the chance of the frame collapsing on your head is medium to high.)

NOTE: * – Acoustic Sound Blankets are not part of this kit, and can be purchased separately. In these instructions we included suggestions on how to attach the blankets to the frame.

** – If you want the frame size larger that 78W x 78L we strongly recommend to order additional vertical supports. Please e-mail us your request to



To create PVC frame:  ” Wide, ” Long and ” Tall  the charge will be

The following parts will be included in your kit:

Custom precut PVC frame kit pipe cut sizes:

PVC pipes description SKU Quantity Size (Inches)
Insertion – L (for Length) In-L 8
Insertion – W ( for Width) In-W 8
Center Piece C-P 7 28
Vertical 1/2 pole V2 16
Cross Bar ** X-B 2
NOTE: ** – We do not provide the cross bars in the precut kits, but we recommend to add them to frames larger than 40 x 40 inches yourself.

Connectors:      The following connectors are included:

PVC connectors for vocalbooth frame

*  we include the 4-way connectors, so you can add the cross bars.

** For smaller frames, like 38 x 38 the top cross bars are not necessary.  Cross bars add stability and is a good way to support the roof blanket. (we do not include the Cross bars in the pre-cut kits, due to shipping size restrictions)


a)    Assemble the base frame portion:      

PVC Vocal Booth frame Base assembly

 b) Assemble Top frame parts:

PVC Vocal Booth frame Top assembly

c) Insert the vertical poles into the base frame part

PVC Vocal Booth frame assembly Insert Vertical Poles

Note:  If you have a frame that is not square you may want to reposition the entrance on the base frame portion to any side that suits you best:

To turn the assembled PVC frame into an actual working Vocal Booth – Cover the frame with acoustic blankets Producer’s Choice.

For this Frame Size you could use   SB-VG blankets for the walls and   blankets for the roof.

Hang the blankets on the frame:

PVC Vocal Booth Cover With Acoustic Blankets
PVC Vocal Booth frame assembly Cover With Acoustic Blankets

   Tip:  To make the roof look tight and pretty connect the corners together by zip ties.

If you had ordered the SB-VG, then simply wrap the Velcro tie ups around the top of the frame.


PVC VocalBooth Frame-Acoustic Blankets wrap

NOTE: In these instructions we show how to hang the SB-VG blankets. If you use a different type of blanket, you can use zip ties or any other attachment method.

If you added cross bars to your PVC frame, this is what the assembled booth would look like from the inside:

Acoustic Vocal Booth view from Inside ( PVC Frame with cross bars)

 What acoustic blanket to choose?

We suggest SB-VG or any other Producer’s choice blanket of your choice. Producer’s choice blankets are the true acoustic product, they have been tested at independent acoustic lab. NRC 0.8. (80% noise reduction). Or if you overlap them or hang them loose the sound absorption efficiency goes up to about 95% sound absorption.

This finishes the Complete Booth assembly.

Now set up your gear and enjoy your new booth!

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