Acoustical Solutions for Voice Actor and Podcasters

With advances in audio recording and editing it makes it possible to record at your home and on the road. Yet for great sounding audio, you need to have great acoustics.

Building a permanent vocal booth in your house can help to create an acoustical treated space, but it takes time, skill and money to design and build a proper sound booth. We offer solutions that quickly resolve acoustic treatment issues so you can focus on your voice over work.

For one person home recording studio, the mobile acoustic vocal booth (AVB4) is a very popular solution; you can set it up in 10 min, the frame pops open like a festival tent and it comes down just as fast. This booth removes all of the reverb and echo from your recordings. For locations with high traffic noise outside and where more soundproofing is required, the soundproof(er) sound booth  (SPB33) might be a better fit. These booths, are about 40”X 40” on the inside and 80” tall, which gives enough space not only for a mic and stand, but also room for a chair if needed. If you need a two person recording space, or to setup your desk inside the booth, you would need a bit more space and this is where the vocal booths AVB5AVB63 & SPB63 would be a good solution. For group sessions, where even more space is required, we’ve designed a larger sound booth; the AVB6 with acoustical sound treatment and the SPB66 if more soundproofing is needed. The booths are about 80”X 80” and up to 92” high. It can fit a desk, chairs and several people.

Successful voice actors who have been in the business for a long time and work on large projects, often are called to do a retake or record additional lines to an ongoing production, that must match the original sound and quality. Without mobile, on the go vocal booth, they would have to depend on being close to their home studio to be able to deliver lines to their producers quickly, because having consistent, professional recordings is so important. If you are traveling, this experience can be frustrating for all involved, which is why our products are meant to be mobile. From a portable Carry-On vocal booth to Soundproof(er) sound booth our line of products aims to deliver consistent acoustics in any environment.

The enhanced version of portable vocal booth, VOMO, with its 360 degree sound isolation hood allows you to record consistent, professional quality voice over anywhere. The VOMO is spacious inside and works with any type of microphone, yet folds down into a briefcase sized carry-on bag.

Sometimes it is not necessary to have an isolated booth in your house with the existing furniture, bookcases filled with books or a closet filled with clothes providing sound absorption. You just need that additional touch to make your room from sounding good to great. Producer’s Choice acoustic blankets have helped a lot of people to convert their rooms into pro-sounding recording studios, by being the most efficient and cost effective products on the market.

Windows and doors are often the cause of a lot of noise to be let into a space. The glass surfaces are also very reflective. Using window noise control blankets helps mitigate these issues.

What separates us from other companies is that we provide products that are cost effective yet deliver exceptional performance.  The Producer’s Choice blankets and can be moved or re-positioned depending on your situation. They can be taken down easily and can go with you. Unlike the solid wall booths that require a crane to be delivered, the walk in acoustic booth & soundproof booth can be moved quickly by a car or shipped by a common carrier if necessary.

“The VOMO product I bought from you is excellent in many respects. As a voice-over artist on the move it provides me with excellent portable recording studio quality at a reasonable price. I had been contemplating purchasing a similar product from another company that is twice the price. I am also very impressed by the customer service and the excellent instructional video.” Sebastian UK



Enhanced Mobile SOLO Sound Booth (SPB33-2) with double layer of soundproofing and sound absorption panels. Sound booth, provides up to 84 dB at high frequency…