Mobile Soundproofing for Musicians and Singers

To stay at the top of their game, musicians and vocalists must develop and hone their skills all the time.

So how do musicians, singers and bands get clean recording results as well as practice without bothering others and spending a lot on expensive vocal booths and studio time?

We have many artists asking us for a solution to be able to sing or practice guitar at any time at home, without disturbing your neighbors.  And this can be a challenge especially for small apartments where space is limited. The most effective and economical solution is a mobile soundproof(er) sound booth which blocks about 33 decibels of outgoing and incoming sound. These booths come in 3 different sizes and can be assembled and disassembled when you need it and requires no special tools or screws for assembly. If you are a singer or practice guitar the SPB33 would fit you just right. Drummers and other instrument players might need more space and the SPB66 would provide a larger space to do it in.

Recording requires a different approach, while technology is widely available to make recordings at home and software to help remove noise, the acoustic room treatment remains a key requirement for clear, professional recordings. Audio editing might remove some unwanted noise from your recording but it would also reduce the overall quality of your voice. Properly treated room not only saves you time on editing and mixing but it will make your recordings sound professional. The first thing you have to address is reflections and echo. Producers Choice acoustic blankets allow you quickly and efficiently to treat your space, unlike acoustic foam that must be glued to wall and can’t be re-positioned. Acoustic sound blankets can be partially removed if you want to have some room tone and live sound to your recordings. Or you can completely surround yourself to cut out all reverberations for clear recordings.

If you need to record multi-tracks with musicians playing at the same time, but you don’t want your drums bleeding in to the guitar, or the guitar bleeding into the singer, freestanding sound absorbers or Gobos will do a great job separating the instruments. Place them in corners to trap bass for more even sounding acoustics.

Create a simple isolation / vocal booth just about anywhere by installing our ceiling track kit and using a few Producer’s Choice blankets to make a treated space for recording or rehearsing. This is perfect where space is limited, but you still have the need for a vocal booth on demand. It can then be easily moved out of the way when not needed.

Our products have been designed with feedback received from voice over professionals in the industry.

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I hung two blankets behind my drummer. The results were amazing – there were hardly any reflections on stage. This resulted in an improved PA sound. The blankets made my job much easier, which allowed me to focus more on playing. The difference in my bands sound quality resulted in getting booked again.” Byron Santo, Bassist, Producer, Author & Beta Tester


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The NEW travel tripod that is designed to work with our world famous carry on vocal booth, VOMO.