Instructions, Manuals and Specifications

Assembly Instructions AVB33

Acoustic Vocal Booth 3’ x 3’
     Assembly Instructions

  • 16 straight pieces
  • 4 straight connectors
  • 8 3-way corner connectors
  • 2 specially designed wall covers
  • 1 ceiling cover
  • 3 corner sound trap

Frame Assembly

  1. Assemble a square on the floor using 4 straight pieces and 4 3-way corner connectors, leaving the third prong of the connector facing up.


  1. Use the 4 straight connectors and 8 straight pieces to make 4 double-long poles, and insert them into the open prongs of the 3-way connectors.


  1. Make another square using the remaining straight pieces and 3-way corner connectors. Place it on top of the four double-long poles by attaching the open prongs of the 3-way corner connectors to the 4 standing poles. This completes the frame.


  1. Use the Velcro strips to fit the booth cover over the frame.


  1. Record and enjoy!

No Noise LED Light Instructions

Instructions for VocalBoothToGo No Noise LED Light

These lights were created with the Voice Over actors in mind to eliminate yet another noise source. If you work with highly sensitive microphones, like professional book narrators do you will appreciate this NO NOISE and NO NONSENSE LED light. Below are the directions to use this.

Visit the product page for the No Noise LED Light.


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Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booth Assembly Instructions:

The Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booth instantly takes care of your acoustical treatment without much space or time! This full size vocal booth hooks to the ceiling or another reliable support system. Cancels out reverberations for clear recordings. Easy to pack and store.

Weight: 40 lbs; Size: 40 x 40 x 78.

Here are the assembly directions to the Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booth. You can also watch the video about the Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booth.


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