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Traveling Voice Over Using VocalBoothToGo.Com

Dean Wendt on the Quality of VocalBoothToGo Products and Customer Service

If there’s one thing Dean Wendt knows—really knows—it’s sound. You may know Dean Wendt as the voice of Barney, the iconic purple dinosaur from Barney & Friends. Yes, the voice that most of us parents remember oh so very well. If your kids were anything like mine we must have watched the shows on a constant loop for most of their pre-k and kindergarten days. That is why I for one was excited in his use of VocalBoothToGo.Com’s products. A voice I had become all too familiar with over the years was using OUR products. How cool is that!

Dean had tried lots of acoustic solutions and portable vocal booths throughout his career. But when he stumbled upon VocalBoothToGo.com he knew he had a winner. He quickly became a huge fan of the Carry-On Vocal Booth to GO series. The carry on was able to rid him of annoying reverberations that were wreaking havoc on his recordings, a problem which he had not been able to find a solution for until now.

“I’ve pretty much bought all the stuff Adil has,” Dean says of VocalBoothToGo’s owner, Adil Aliev (talk about literally putting your money where your mouth is!). “It’s really great stuff.”

Dean had been looking for products he could use to record that would ensure high quality audio that’s when he came upon VocalBoothToGo. Excited to see the line of products we had to offer; but skeptical to their efficiency, Dean decided to start off by renting a Portable Acoustic vocal booth (AVB-33) and used it to do commercial voiceover work for a week while he was on the road. And the rest is history! Blown away by the sound quality and its ease of use and portability Dean became a proud VocalBoothtoGo.Com supporter.

Topping off his order experience Dean praised the customer support he received when placing his order. From all his preorder questions to his feedback after his rental VocalBoothtoGo.Com Owner; Adil, answered all his questions and even got some great ideas on how to improve some of the products that were later implemented in the latest edition “Carry on Vocal Booth 2.o”  which Dean is currently using today.

We are proud to offer such unique and amazing products. Helping the busy, traveling, always on the go voice actor has become our specialty. We offer the BEST in Affordable, PORTABLE acoustic solutions.  And you can always count on us to provide incredible customer service and support provided by REAL people (No computerized voices over here) 7 days a week by contacting Support@VocalBoothToGo.Com

Producers Choice Sound Blankets Takes Virtual Reality to the next level at the Tribeca Film Festival

Each year the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC showcases an impressive group of independent features, documentaries and short films. It’s the place where filmmakers, innovators, movie and music enthusiasts, in addition to countless celebrities and artists come together to see what new and exciting advances in technology and film are awaiting in the next year and honor those who have created remarkable films and music throughout the year. That is why we were thrilled when one of the newest additions to the festival showcasing the Virtual Reality experience wanted to use our Producers Choice Blankets in its 2016 exhibit.BBC/VRTOV, an independent digital production studio based out of Melbourne Australia successfully used Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets to create an acoustically treated shelter for its showcase at the festival “The Turning Forest”.  With the Producers Choice blankets on board it quickly became the ULTIMATE virtual reality experience. The exhibit, which was listed as one of Wired Magazine’s favorite VR experiences, received rave reviews and was a hit with attendees of the festival.

Highlighting just one more, of the many; uses of Producers Choice acoustic blankets this exhibit is a groundbreaking and game changing example of how using acoustic blankets can give you an acoustically treated environment ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

VocalBoothToGo.com was honored to be used in this exhibit. Our products can be found in many places and used in a variety of ways, all designed to improve acoustic quality. This is why VocalBoothtoGo is here to change the way you hear the future.

We are literally “Changing the game”!

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4Chords Production offers many services to our clients. From producing and recording bands and artists to writing and producing sound tracks for short films, corporate and promotional videos, we do it all. We also offer mixing and mastering online services.

4Chords Production also publishes weekly articles on music production. The goal of this blog is to create a home studio hobbyist community as well as offering useful tips on how to excel in your home studio.

Nazia Chaudhry: Voice Actor, Coach and Singer


Nazia Chaudhry/My Voice & Performance Coach™ offers customized lessons and consulting services anywhere in the world via Skype, in-studio and on-location in the Atlanta area for all levels and styles related to voice, performance, speaking, acting, and voice over. We want to give you the confidence to sing, speak, or perform more freely by effectively helping you to build and increase your vocal range and power, vocal stamina, acting, and performance skills. Learn voice and performance techniques designed specifically for what you need and get results from your first lesson.


VoiceActing Academy


VoiceActing Academy works with performers and business people to improve their performance behind the microphone; on stage; radio; on camera for film and television; at meetings, and in the board room. Training in the craft and business of voice acting is based on eleven-time Emmy recipient James Alburger’s book, “The Art of Voice Acting.” The Vocal Booth To Go Carry on Vocal Booth is the exclusively recommended portable voiceover booth for voice actors.


Creative Colony

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Creative Colony is the first coworking space in Montgomery County MD and the Washington, DC, area that is uniquely suited for the commercial, creative communication industries, such as design, videography and social marketing. Members of Creative Colony are more than just space-renters. They’re part of a community of like-minded creative individuals who care about helping one another grow their businesses independently, but not alone. Members are also able to create strategic partnerships that will enable them to go after bigger and better business opportunities. Sound like a great space for you? Check out www.creativecolonyspaces.com to find out more.