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Portable recording booths & soundproofing

Mobile acoustic vocal booth,. Soundproof sound booth for audio recording, music practice, audiometry booth.
Acoustic blankets Producers Choice for soundproofingand sound absorption, acoustic room treatment for voice over recording.
Noise reduction, reflection, reverberation cancelling. Blankets Producers Choice soundproofing and sound absorbing acoustic room treatment for recording ccontrol room and mixing.
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Reduce noise pollution with soundproofing blankets.


Our patented acoustic blankets are an alternative to expensive soundproofing.  Often used by home owners to reduce outside noise.  Also used by vocal professionals, engineers, and studios as an affordable soundproofing and absorption solution.
We make your environment quieter for less.

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Perfect for tradeshows and other short-term needs.  Our portable recording booths and soundproofing solutions help keep your overhead costs down while increasing the quality of your on-site sound.  Used by individuals, broadcasters, corporations, and many others.
Our support team can help match a solution to your need.

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Be the Master of your sound

Wherever you go.

The New Carry-on Vocal Booth by VocalBoothToGo.

360-degree sound control.  Eco-friendly.  Carry-on approved.

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Be the master of your sound

Wherever you go.

360-degree sound control.  Eco-friendly.  Carry-on approved.

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