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Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro Put To Test During VOAtlanta 2014 By Voice Actor and Vocal Booth Expert

VocalBoothToGo.com presented its soundproofing and acoustic treatment products, such as the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro, at VOAtltanta 2014, the largest voice-over conference in Southeastern United States held in March. The conference boasted speakers, leaders and presenters in the voice-over industry and included voice-over professionals, trainers, coaches, agents as well as service providers.

As an exhibitor, VocalBoothToGo.com demonstrated many of its products including the Voice Over Start-up Success Kit, Soundproofer Sound Booth SB33, Producer's Choice sound blankets and the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro. The portable vocal booth was put to a real-time test by a voice actor and home studio/vocal booth expert during the event.

George Whittam sets up booth in hotel room.At the conference, voice actor Michael Johnston, needed to record an urgent job for a client. There wasn't a designated area or vocal booth set-up for live voice over recording. With the help and recommendation from industry vocal booth guru, George Whittam, the voice actor used the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro, on display at the VocalBoothToGo exhibit, and a Sennheiser microphone.

Whittam is globally considered a top authority in voice-over recording technology. He is Director and Founder of Technology of VOStudioTech.com, a division of EDGE Studio, and co founder of EWAB podcast -- experts in home vocal booths and recording studios.

We needed something convenient, portable, and quick to setup in a hotel room to reduce echo and noise while recording a vo talent for a last minute job, said Whittam. We found it [the Carry-on Vocal Booth] large enough to easily position the mic and a laptop inside, yet easy to transport and quick to assemble. It will work great for actors without the space to setup a proper booth, given their existing environment is quiet enough. ”

Whittam edited the audio track in the same hotel room where the demo was conducted.

I am pretty pleased with the results.” commented Whittam when the job was completed. Johnston was also pleased with the results and that he could deliver his professional recording to his client.


Emmy Winner Rob Paulsen Gets a Closer Look at VocalBoothToGo Vocal Booths

VocalBoothToGo joined the VoxyLadies during Robapalooza, held at The National Press Club in Washington, DC, in August to give voice over talent a chance to see and use the vocal booths during the event.

During Robapalooza, VocalBoothToGo gave attendees an overview of the portable vocal booth, the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro. However, the VocalBoothToGo product star was the 3 x 3 VocalBoothToGo Acoustic Vocal Booth, which received a thumbs-up from Rob. Robapalooza was a Voice Over Intensive workshop featuring Rob Paulsen, one of the VO industry's top animation pros and an Emmy Award winner. Rob shared his expertise and insights with voice over actors from across the country.

"Your products are AMAZING!" Rob told VocalBoothToGo.

Read more here.


"Handy" Helpers: Script Holder and Miniboom Allows VO Actors To Be Truly Hands-Free

Do you like to use your hands and gesture during your recordings? Well, according to voice talent and coach, Randye Kaye, you should use your body language while recording!

script holder carry on vocal booth

The VocalBoothToGo script holder with a mini boom can hold your script and mic OR you can use two holders for an iPhone and a iPad/Tablet or an old fashion paper script. These products work well with the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro even without the mic stand. (Also, take note of Randye's vocal booth in her video -- yep, it's the vocal booth on a tracks).



James Alburger "The Carry-On Vocal Booth is lighter, easier to use, sounds better, and, in my opinion, far more functional than any other portable VO booth I've seen. Harlan's booth uses Auralex pyramid foam, which does a good job of diffusing the sound, but does only a fair job of absorption . . . . I like the Carry-On much better!"

James Alburger, VoiceActing.com

dean wendt vocal booth client"I have tried a bunch of vocal booths. Nothing compares to this. I am VERY picky. Not boxy sounding like the others. Great company and great people. HIGHLY recommend."

Dean Wendt Voice Talent/Producer, www.VOthatsREAL.com


"Love the vocal booth [Carry-on Vocal Booth] purchased by a friend for my birthday. Your product has incredible reviews, and I just submitted my first audition with the confidence that the booth is an outstanding product. This sucker really is a fine piece. I had sent a sample of a recording to two of my friends without the Carry-on Vocal Booth, and then with it. They were astounded at what a difference it made." -- Marty O.


Recent Blog Posts

Washing Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets

Washing Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets

Unlike acoustic foam, Producer's Choice Sound Blankets can be WASHED. In fact, after blankets are washed, they become thicker and fluffier. But is there any shrinkage?

We actually produced a You Tube video in a Laundromat to show exactly what happens. In this video, we tested how much a sound blanket shrinks after the actual wash. The Producer's Choice acoustic blankets shrink about 1-2 inches in length and width after the wash. But something else happened.

The video documented the quality of the same blanket from the wash. Most of the audio was done in an untreated environment of the Laundromat -- you can hear this. However, the end of this summary, we recorded using the same camera surrounded with the Producer's Choice Blankets. There is a BIG difference in the quality of recording. It provides an interesting example of Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets in action.

(Audio was not optimized or manipulated in any way.)


Musician Reviews Producer's Choice Blankets on Company Website

Musician Reviews Producer's Choice Blankets on Company Website

Martin Morissette of 4ChordsProduction.com purchased VocalBoothToGo.com's Producer's Choice Sound Blankets and loved them so much, he reviewed them on his company website. We love finding random reviews and comments from customers sharing tips and information about our products online. Here is his personal review of the blankets. More photos are available on the 4ChordsProduction site too.

I live in a 2 bedrooms apartment and as you know, I have two daughters, and therefore my home studio is located in our living room. Not ideal you may say…. Indeed, but nonetheless I still manage to capture professional quality sound! And how do I go about and do this? The answer is: Producers Choice Blankets.

They are by far, before any other gear I own (Microphones, Pre-Amps, Instruments,…), THE reason why my recording sounds clean and dry. The layout of my apartment is an open concept between the living room, dining room and kitchen. You can imagine how such a large room built of hard wood floor, gyprock walls and sealing and ceramic floor in the kitchen might sound like. Also, since it’s our family room, I still haven’t managed to convinced my fiancé to let me treat the room with acoustic foam.


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Russian's Yandex Purchases 10 Carry-on Vocal Booths

Yandexa Russian internet company which operates the largest search engine in Russia, purchased 10 Carry-on Vocal Booths from VocalBoothToGo. With 60% market share in that country, Yandex ranked as the 4th largest search engine worldwide with more than 150 million searches per day as of April 2012 and more than 50.5 million visitors daily as of February 2013.

Voice of America Acquires VocalBoothToGo Vocal Booth

Voice of America, an official external broadcast institution of the U.S. federal government, purchased a 3 x 3 Acoustic Vocal Booth from VocalBoothToGo.com. VOA provides a wide range of programming for broadcast on radio, TV and the internet outside of the U.S., in 43 languages.

Voice Actors Win VocalBoothToGo.com Vocal Booths

VocalBoothToGo.com exhibited many of its innovative Vocal Booths during VO2013 ATLANTA in late March, the largest event of its kind in the southern United States. As part of this voice-over conference, VocalBoothToGo.com served as a Silver Sponsor and donated two of its popular vocal booths in a contest and event raffle. The vocal booths included the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro and the Hanging Acoustic Vocal Booth.


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