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Acoustic Vocal Booth 3’ x 3’

     Assembly Instructions


  • 16 straight pieces
  • 4 straight connectors
  • 8 3-way corner connectors
  • 2 specially designed wall covers
  • 1 ceiling cover
  • 3 corner sound trap




Frame Assembly

  1. Assemble a square on the floor using 4 straight pieces and 4 3-way corner connectors, leaving the third prong of the connector facing up.




  1. Use the 4 straight connectors and 8 straight pieces to make 4 double-long poles, and insert them into the open prongs of the 3-way connectors.




  1. Make another square using the remaining straight pieces and 3-way corner connectors. Place it on top of the four double-long poles by attaching the open prongs of the 3-way corner connectors to the 4 standing poles. This completes the frame.




  1. Use the Velcro strips to fit the booth cover over the frame.




  1. Record and enjoy!









Assembly Instructions AVB33