Acoustic blankets for room treatment, sound absorption panels, sound blankets, and blankets for soundproofing Acoustic blankets Producer's choice will make your audio recording sound better. They will make your recording sound better by removing unwanted noise in the room, the noise of sound reflected off the walls and bouncing around.  So you record only what was meant to be recorded. Sound absorption is the ability of material to reduce the energy of sound waves. Sound absorption panels are not meant to stop sound. They are highly effective for acoustic room treatment to reduce echo and reverb, which you hear in… See More
    Portable Vocal Booth designed to shield microphone from echo and reverberations to have a clear sounding recording. Another important feature of this type of product is that they are very portable. Which makes them ideal for making voice over or audio recording while travelling. These vocal booths are designed for audio and voice over recordings on-the-go! But it is also a great start up equipment for aspiring voice over actor, who cannot invest in a full scale Vocal Booth. These truly portable and mobile vocal booths can be carried on a plane as a carry-on and can be set-up and… See More
    Full-Size Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booths for Voice Overs and Audio Recording. Mobile Acoustic Booths are walk-in, acoustically optimized enclosures designed to reduce echo and reverberations for optimum voice-over and audio recording. Unlike Portable Vocal Booths, that are designed to shield the microphone, Mobile acoustic booths are large enough to walk in and in fact are a small portable studio space. Their purpose is to cut reverberations, reflections and echo, to create superior acoustical room treatment for audio recordings. These booths easy to setup and put away, you can easily transport them in a car or ship by a postal carrier.… See More
    In this category you will find hardware and equipment essential for quality audio recording. One item you find here that you will not find anywhere else, is Flexible tracks. Combined with Acoustic blankets you can quickly create a vocal booth of any size, divide your room into acoustically treated and live rooms. Flexible tracks can be purchased as a kit in 7 foot long or 14 ft long or you can create your own kit by purchasing flexible tracks of any lengths and other hardware separately. See More
    Full-size Mobile Soundproof (-er) Sound Booths for Music Practice and Audio Recording. Mobile Soundproof(er) Sound Booths are sound isolating enclosures constructed with Sound-blocking outer walls made out of limp mass barrier coupled with sound absorbing inner layer and supported by a metal frame. The internal layer comprised of sound absorbing acoustic blankets for better internal acoustics. These sound booths were designed for voice over recording, music practice, singing practice and any activity where you need to cut down on sound transmission in-or-out of the booth. The SoundProof(er) Sound Booths (SPB series) provides completely enclosed space, with heavy soundblocking walls, yet… See More
    Acoustic Vocal Booths or Soundproof(er) Sound Booths for Rent. Only need the booth for a little while? Rent a Vocal Booth! Vacation, business trip or have a conference? You don’t have to risk making a bad recording while traveling because of poor acoustics. Finally, you have better options! Try a vocal booth rental! If you are planning on staying in one place for a while, or going to record interviews, or maybe you need a portable acoustically treated conference room for a trade show or exhibit, the vocal booth rental is a solution for you. The rental process is simple:… See More
    We offer specially designed window soundproofing curtains, door sound barriers and soundproofing materials to build a DIY vocal booth, sound booth and/or for acoustic room treatment. You will find the necessary materials to build a sound recording studio from the ground up, or improve soundproofing quality of your existing practice room. We carry soundproofing materials such as Mass Loaded Vinyl (MLV), acoustic foam, sound blankets, advanced acoustic and soundproof panels (combination of Mass Loaded Vinyl and Acoustic foam in one). Mass Loaded Vinyl (Limp Mass Sound Barrier) Mass loaded vinyl is one of the highest rated and top selling soundproofing… See More
    Books and CDs to aid the voiceover actor or performer interested in mastering their craft and increasing their skill level. The Art of Voice Acting: The Craft and Business of Performing Voiceover focuses on the voiceover performer as an actor. From basic acting techniques and exercises for keeping the voice in top condition, to marketing and promotion of the actor, The Art of Voice Acting covers it all. The book is the foundation for comprehensive workshop and seminar training in which author James R. Alburger teaches his voice-acting techniques with his partner Penny Abshire.  This essential book is packed with expert… See More
    Sound Acoustic Room Treatment of your recording studio using Producer’s choice sound blankets. Room acoustics are paramount. Every professional recording studio is fine-tuned to get the best sound possible. Yet in home audio recording studios this is often underestimated. It is much more fun to talk about expensive mics, EQ (equalizers) and latest software that “removes” noise and optimizes your tracks all by itself. With proper acoustics you might not need all that! You can save yourself lots of time and money with proper acoustic treatment. In this category we offer products and suggestions designed to help audio engineers to… See More