Rental Agreement

The following is an example of our Rental Agreement. The document will be specific to whichever model of booth you wish to rent.
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Acoustic Vocal Booth 3×3 Rental Agreement

Renter’s Billing Address:








Ship to arrive on or before:


 Check:  Mail to 7311 Grove Rd, Ste B200, Frederick, MD 21704  USA

Standing Credit card Authorization – fill info below.

 Acoustic Vocal Booth AVB33 weekly rental: $ 125.00 a week x
Qty x _ _ Weeks = $_       . Includes frame, cover, and internal light.


Quantity Product Name Model Number of weeks Rate per week Total
1 Acoustic Vocal Booth  3 x 3  Rental AVB33-R $125.00 $

Subtotal:                     = $_­­           _

Shipping to Customer             = $_           _

Return shipping                       = $_           _

TOTAL:                                 = $_           _




and additional Rent if any, according to the Terms of Agreement below.

NOTE: on orders over $1500.00 if  paid by credit card please add 4%  surcharge.


Card number:



Billing Address:



Signature of Authorized Cardholder:


Please Fill in and sign and fax to (800)643-2939, or e-mail to

Acoustic Vocal Booth 3×3 Rental Agreement:

This agreements is between

( name of authorized person)

                                                          ( Company name)
,  tel.#
, referred here and after as “Renter” and VocalBoothToGo, inc., referred here as “Supplier”  for the purpose of  temporary use/rental of Sound Booth, referred here and after as “Equipment” supplied by the Supplier for the Renter’s use


  1. Supplier provides to the Renter the Equipment as specified below for temporary use. Supplier may organize delivery of the Equipment to the Renter at Renter’s expense to the address specified in this agreement and pick up of return shipment. Supplier will provide support and instructions on the assembly and use of the booth.


  1. Renter is to use the Equipment for the Renter’s event only as intended, and without causing any damages to the Equipment or any part of it. Renter must keep the Equipment clean, free of damages, use it in a safe manner, and return it in “as New” condition.

  2. Inspection: Upon receipt of the Equipment, it is Renter’s responsibility to account for all parts and their condition. All defects, if any, must be noted at the time of receipt and immediately reported to the Supplier. Any missing items, damaged, torn or soiled parts must be noted, and proper description with images of the claimed damage e-mailed to the supplier.

  3. Keep the Equipment in “as new” condition: Renter is responsible to keep the equipment clean, free of damage, dirt, spills etc., and to return the Equipment to the Supplier in good “as new” condition, ready to be re-rented.

  4. Shipping and receiving: Supplier may at Renter’s expense organize delivery of the Equipment to the address specified by the Renter. Shipper is not liable for delays in shipping due to carrier error. Renter is responsible to receive the delivery of the Equipment at the destination specified below. Renter is responsible to prepare the return shipment and release it to designated carrier on the date to be specified and agreed upon below after the completion of the event.


  1. Duration of the Rental: the length of the rental is 7 calendar days, (weekly rental), beginning from _ __, and ending on __      
    .  If the Equipment is not ready for pick up on   
    , additional weekly rental fee of $125.00 will apply for each consecutive week or portion of the week thereafter.

  2. Payment Terms: Renter agrees to pay all costs of the delivery of the Equipment and return shipment. The Cost of rental specified above assumes that all of the Equipment is returned in good rentable condition free from damage, rips, paint, glue, spills etc. If any damage occurs Renter agrees to reimburse to the Supplier the cost of damaged or missing parts according to current retail value as displayed on Supplier’s Website  These costs will be considered as an Additional Rent.  Renter Authorizes Supplier to charge the additional rent amounts to the credit card on file.


  1. Rent to Purchase: Should the Renter decide he / she would like to keep the booth, he / she agrees to notify the Supplier before the end date of their rental period as defined in article 6. Once notification has been acknowledged by the Supplier, the Renter agrees to weekly charges in the amount of $125.00 until the full value of the booth ($945.25) has been paid. The supplier will apply the cost of return shipping to this total.


  1. Renters liability for damage to the Equipment. The Renter hereby agrees that he / she shall be held fully responsible for any and all loss of or damage to the equipment during the term of this Rental Agreement whether caused by misuse, fire, flood, vandalism, theft or any other cause.


  1. Return of the Equipment:

10.1 The Renter hereby agrees to return the above-described Equipment to the Supplier at the physical address listed below. No later than


                        Return Address:         7311 Grove Rd, Suite B200

Frederick, MD 21704. USA.

Tel: 240-578-4084, fax 800-643-2039



  1. Liability waiver: Renter agrees to keep the Supplier, its associates and employees, harmless and free from any claim resulting from the use or misuse of the Equipment.

All delivery costs specified in this Agreement are estimated, and do not include traffic delays, redelivery attempts, acts of God and other unforeseen circumstances.




For the Supplier:                                                       For the Renter:

VocalBoothToGo, Inc.                               Company name:                                                                 ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­





Adil Aliev, President.                                                 ( Name, Title: