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Sound ART Acoustic Room Treatment

With many audio editing platforms available today, recording can be done in the comfort of your own home, although it is not as easy as buying a microphone and pressing “Record”.  Room acoustics are paramount. Every professional recording studio is fine-tuned to get the best sound possible.  It requires expertise and costs thousands of dollars to do a proper job in acoustic room treatment.  Yet in-home audio recording studios this often underestimated.  It is much more fun to talk about expensive mics, EQ (equalizers) and latest software that “removes” noise and optimizes your tracks all by itself.

But with proper acoustics you might not need all that!  Every room sounds different depending on the shape, size and build, yet they all have similar issues that can be corrected with proper acoustic treatment. 

We now offer products and suggestions designed to help audio engineers to achieve just that – proper acoustics. Using Producer’s choice sound blankets for acoustic room treatment is effective and much less expensive that acoustic foam.  It covers more surface for less money, and with proper installation acoustic blankets tested to be as effective as 3 inch acoustic foam.

The suggestions in Sound Acoustic Room Treatment (Sound ART) are for different room sizes to treat your first reflections, reduce reverb time, and achieve a uniform frequency response throughout the room.

Suggested by, Sound ART designs will

  • Help to treat your first reflections by introducing sound absorption panels at the first reflection points.
  • Reduce reverberation time in your studio by absorbing sound reflected from the walls.
  • Help you to achieve uniform frequency response throughout the room by calculated placement of sound absorption blankets in strategic locations.
  • NOTE that Sound ART designs are just suggestions that can be further customized to perform best in your environment

One of the unique design features that Sound ART models include is the Corner absorption panels with Ceiling tracks.

We recommend two separate track kits, so you can place the blanket in the corners to work as bass traps.

The tracks are flexible, which means that you can shape the blankets on the track as concave  “ ) “ ,  Convex “ ( “ , or even as a semi column  “ C “  or column “ O “ shape. Each shape has its own advantages.  Even though the Acoustic blanket is absorbent and not reflective, the shape may interact with the sound waves differently, because of the variation in distance from the corner and adjacent walls, ( Concave vs Convex shape) or simply doubling the absorption layer at certain directions as in “C”  or “O” shape

Blankets suspended in “ C “ or “ O “ shape will serve as effective bass traps in your room. 

Another feature is Free standing Sound absorption panels, which are especially effective in larger rooms.  These panels that can be moved around the room to break the sound waves bouncing around. The Unique feature of these panels is that they can be Acoustically advanced by filling the panel with “Safe and Sound” rockwool material for broadband frequency absorption.  You can insert a sheet of mass loaded vinyl or another limp mass barrier to tame the stubborn low frequency waves. Placing such absorption panel in a corner makes it very effective bass trap.

And of course the obvious advantage of acoustic room treatment with sound blankets is not only that you can take them away when your move, and even not that you can take your set up and use it at a different location, but you can change your room acoustics at will by covering more or less of the reflective surfaces in your room to make it more live or dead.

For more information about Acoustic room treatment with sound blankets, check out our acoustic sound blanket products.

Assembly Instructions AVB33

Acoustic Vocal Booth 3’ x 3’
     Assembly Instructions

  • 16 straight pieces
  • 4 straight connectors
  • 8 3-way corner connectors
  • 2 specially designed wall covers
  • 1 ceiling cover
  • 3 corner sound trap

Frame Assembly

  1. Assemble a square on the floor using 4 straight pieces and 4 3-way corner connectors, leaving the third prong of the connector facing up.


  1. Use the 4 straight connectors and 8 straight pieces to make 4 double-long poles, and insert them into the open prongs of the 3-way connectors.


  1. Make another square using the remaining straight pieces and 3-way corner connectors. Place it on top of the four double-long poles by attaching the open prongs of the 3-way corner connectors to the 4 standing poles. This completes the frame.


  1. Use the Velcro strips to fit the booth cover over the frame.


  1. Record and enjoy!

Traveling Voice Over Using VocalBoothToGo.Com

Dean Wendt on the Quality of VocalBoothToGo Products and Customer Service

If there’s one thing Dean Wendt knows—really knows—it’s sound. You may know Dean Wendt as the voice of Barney, the iconic purple dinosaur from Barney & Friends. Yes, the voice that most of us parents remember oh so very well. If your kids were anything like mine we must have watched the shows on a constant loop for most of their pre-k and kindergarten days. That is why I for one was excited in his use of VocalBoothToGo.Com’s products. A voice I had become all too familiar with over the years was using OUR products. How cool is that!

Dean had tried lots of acoustic solutions and portable vocal booths throughout his career. But when he stumbled upon he knew he had a winner. He quickly became a huge fan of the Carry-On Vocal Booth to GO series. The carry on was able to rid him of annoying reverberations that were wreaking havoc on his recordings, a problem which he had not been able to find a solution for until now.

“I’ve pretty much bought all the stuff Adil has,” Dean says of VocalBoothToGo’s owner, Adil Aliev (talk about literally putting your money where your mouth is!). “It’s really great stuff.”

Dean had been looking for products he could use to record that would ensure high quality audio that’s when he came upon VocalBoothToGo. Excited to see the line of products we had to offer; but skeptical to their efficiency, Dean decided to start off by renting a Portable Acoustic vocal booth (AVB-33) and used it to do commercial voiceover work for a week while he was on the road. And the rest is history! Blown away by the sound quality and its ease of use and portability Dean became a proud VocalBoothtoGo.Com supporter.

Topping off his order experience Dean praised the customer support he received when placing his order. From all his preorder questions to his feedback after his rental VocalBoothtoGo.Com Owner; Adil, answered all his questions and even got some great ideas on how to improve some of the products that were later implemented in the latest edition “Carry on Vocal Booth 2.o”  which Dean is currently using today.

We are proud to offer such unique and amazing products. Helping the busy, traveling, always on the go voice actor has become our specialty. We offer the BEST in Affordable, PORTABLE acoustic solutions.  And you can always count on us to provide incredible customer service and support provided by REAL people (No computerized voices over here) 7 days a week by contacting Support@VocalBoothToGo.Com

Producers Choice Sound Blankets Takes Virtual Reality to the next level at the Tribeca Film Festival

Each year the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC showcases an impressive group of independent features, documentaries and short films. It’s the place where filmmakers, innovators, movie and music enthusiasts, in addition to countless celebrities and artists come together to see what new and exciting advances in technology and film are awaiting in the next year and honor those who have created remarkable films and music throughout the year. That is why we were thrilled when one of the newest additions to the festival showcasing the Virtual Reality experience wanted to use our Producers Choice Blankets in its 2016 exhibit.BBC/VRTOV, an independent digital production studio based out of Melbourne Australia successfully used Producers Choice Acoustic Blankets to create an acoustically treated shelter for its showcase at the festival “The Turning Forest”.  With the Producers Choice blankets on board it quickly became the ULTIMATE virtual reality experience. The exhibit, which was listed as one of Wired Magazine’s favorite VR experiences, received rave reviews and was a hit with attendees of the festival.

Highlighting just one more, of the many; uses of Producers Choice acoustic blankets this exhibit is a groundbreaking and game changing example of how using acoustic blankets can give you an acoustically treated environment ANYTIME, ANYWHERE. was honored to be used in this exhibit. Our products can be found in many places and used in a variety of ways, all designed to improve acoustic quality. This is why VocalBoothtoGo is here to change the way you hear the future.

We are literally “Changing the game”!

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Introducing The Carry-On Vocal Booth 2.0

image        Carry_on_Vocalclip_image025

Introducing our new Carry-On Vocal Booth 2.0!

We have seen some portable vocal booths before. All of them based on using acoustic foam. Youtube is full of ” DIY $20 portable vocal booths”.  Some of them look mundane just a show box lined with foam and some are quite peculiar. We have also seen what happens to portable vocal booths made out of acoustic foam after they have been used for some time.  Even professionally made foam based booth gets saggy, skewy and  overall shabby looking. The foam gets soiled and rubbed.


We also heard from the users of such booths, professional Voice over actors, unhappy about the boominess and boxiness of the recording. The space inside the booth was very limited, which resulted both in bad acoustics and great inconvenience, because there was no place for the script so actors had to look away at the script, which did not make for comfortable reading.
(NOTE: close proximity of acoustic foam to a microphone can create a severe high frequency depletion in the recorded audio).


Encouraged by great success of our Producer’s choice acoustic blanket material, we designed the Carry-on Vocal Booth with strong rigid support, and ample space inside to allow not only to place a script, but also place your laptop or tablet in it.  Most importantly, the larger internal space creates much better acoustics inside the vocal booth.We demonstrated the very first Carry-On Vocal booth and Producer’s choice blankets at Voice Over conference VOICE2012 in Anaheim, CA. The VocalBoothToGo products were met with great enthusiasm. This is when our work had actually started.  Voice actors in unison commended the great acoustic quality and spacious interior of the booth, but they wanted some additional features.


So we started adding features and accessories:
First we added support table, that made the booth “self supported”;
then we made the booth microphone stand mountable;
then we added base strap for “one step” set up;
then we added a miniboom to provide hookup for a microphone and a pop filter,
then we added specially designed script holder,
then we added a micro mic stand to support miniboom that would support the script holder and/or pop filter without a microphone stand;
then we added a light to illuminate the beauty of the whole assembly and then we came up with a solution to hold that light. (the solution was clumsy and confusing, but it worked);

We wanted to create a complete traveling Vocal recording studio, because we realized that voice actors, want to have a full set up, so they can get to work right away.
And we did all that without increasing the price of the unit! Voice actors, new and experienced, were praising the sound quality of the Carry on Vocal Booth, but as more and more users were working with it, we started getting complaints about, things like – “mounting bracket did not fit all of the microphone stands out there, the table was wobbly, the light was hard to fix, the stitching was a little off”.


We also realized that by adding all the additional gear we created clutter, that needed to be organized.

It is prettier, stronger and fitter. It is better organized and it has softer hug on your shoulders. It is practical and very stylish!

On the move it is the thinnest Vocal Booth in the world!






Each accessory has its own niche and we even made additional holders for microphone and pop filter.
Now you can load the traveling Vocal booth with your gear ready for anything, like a Navy Seal on a mission!
Another change we made is larger front padding, which allows to cover more of the area in front of the microphone.But when it is ready to work – it turns into a spacious recording studio ready to accept all your gear. All additional accessories are now neatly organized and stay in their place until you are ready to use them.

We redesigned the support table. it is now a little thicker to provide more reliable support on a mic stand.
The mounting bracket was redesigned as well to allow for use with thicker mic. stands.
Remember i had mentioned the  awkward light attachment?  so now we offer an easy attachment and we offer two positions for the light.  or you can get an additional light and have more illumination inside your booth.The carry bag was changed dramatically. The first most noticeable change is color. instead of  buttoned down all black, we use playful summer-sky blue color with new logo imprinted.



The Opening for a mic stand mounting table was changed in a way that it is a solid pocket, and not a weird flap in the middle of the bag.
We also added a shoulder pad for a comfortable carry.

In addition, we added quick-close buckles to the booth. Some of the previous cases also had the quick release buckles, but not all of them.  This feature was added by the request of reporters and journalists, who sometimes have to get going in a hurry and spending extra 15 seconds on zipping up the bag is a luxury they cannot afford.

And lastly, we are adding packaging.  As our brand becomes well known the new Carry-on Vocal Booth will come in a beautiful new box.

Our new Carry-On Vocal Booth 2.0 includes the following:

1.  Carry-on Vocal Booth with nylon case and Support table;
2. Mounting Bracket
3. Miniboom
4. Micro Mic stand.
5. Script holder
6. LED no-noise wireless light (One per unit. Batteries not included)
7.  Special gift: VocalBoothToGo USB pen.

Extremely useful tool for a creative professional. It has an all world ball point smooth pen and 8G USB storage to keep  all your auditions or other digital files handy.

All that for only $375.77! Get one today!


Using a Sound Man, Sound Blankets and Other Tips for Bands

There’s tons of little known important tips and tricks to being hired, called back, and liked in the music community. There are many many more ways to lose the job and never get another chance. Here’s a number of things I’ve learned firsthand that’ll help in any live music venue. Okay, some of them are things I’ve learned from friends, but I left out all the urban legends. Don’t worry though, there’s still lots of entertaining feats of stupidity here.


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Audio Book Publisher Gives Recording Using the Carry-On Vocal Booth a BIG Thumbs-Up

“This is the best sound you ever had!”

Audio Book Publisher Gives Recording Using the Carry-On Vocal Booth a BIG Thumbs-Up

marysarahVoice over artist and accomplished book narrator, Mary Sarah Agliotta, was about to make a leap of faith. She wanted to move closer to her children, but that meant leaving behind a professional recording studio and facing the challenge of delivering a good sound at an unknown location.

It so happened that she attended the Mid-Atlantic Voice-Over Conference (November 2014) of which was a sponsor. Mary Sarah paid close attention to the presentation of the portable Carry-on Vocal Booth, made by She knew her current situation was critical.  She just received a book narration contract from a large client and was in the middle of a move. Her work had to be delivered in a short time and be of the highest quality. She was worried about being able to deliver the work without using her tested recording studio, and no time to build a new studio space.


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No Noise LED Light Instructions

Instructions for VocalBoothToGo No Noise LED Light

These lights were created with the Voice Over actors in mind to eliminate yet another noise source. If you work with highly sensitive microphones, like professional book narrators do you will appreciate this NO NOISE and NO NONSENSE LED light. Below are the directions to use this.

Visit the product page for the No Noise LED Light.


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Best Practices in Creating a Home Recording Studio Space

There are three key aspects in capturing good sound — the quality of the instrument, the quality of the player and acoustic room treatment,’’ Martin Morrisette told during a video interview about his music business and best practices in creating a home recording studio space.

Marty, an accomplished musician and former band member of Remember When, is also a writer, blogger and singer. With his business partner and friend, Pierre-Antoine Rivard Paquet he started 4Chords Production, which focuses on producing and recording bands and artists as well as writing and producing sound tracks for short films, corporate and promotional videos. He told VocalBoothToGo during an interview that he has learned from his experience in the music industry that there are three key aspects in capturing a good sound.

Continue reading “Best Practices in Creating a Home Recording Studio Space” Sponsors FAFFCON 7 Voice Over Conference

dolphinefaffcon was a key supporting sponsor of FAFFCON 7, held Sept 18 to 21, in Phoenix AZ. FAFFCON, the voice over unconference, is a participant-driven professional development event for working voiceover industry professionals. This event is consistently credited with helping establish peer-to-peer connections between its participants in a very informal and friendly manner and helping all take their careers to the next level.

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