Application for Vocal Booth Rental

Renting a Booth with


Thank you for renting with us! We’re excited to work with you to provide the best short-term recording situation for you possible. To get started on your rental, just follow the six simple steps below.


  1. Fill out the rental application on the next page.


  1. Fill out and sign the rental agreement, sending it back to us with a copy of photo ID when you’re done.


  1. You will receive a receipt to the given email for the order.


  1. We will ship the booth to your location in time to arrive one day before the first day of rental. With the booth, we will include:
    1. Assembly instructions
    2. Return label
    3. Return Instructions
    4. A survey we hope you’ll send back with the booth to help us provide even better service in the future.


  1. When you’re done recording, pack the booth back up and let us know where the booth will be available (at your home, or at the concierge desk in a hotel). We’ll schedule the pickup with our carrier.


  1. Once we receive the booth back, we’ll inspect the booth for damages beyond normal wear and tear. We will send you a confirmation email once that is complete.


Rent-to-Purchase: If you reach the end of your rental time and decide you would actually like to keep the booth, you simply need to notify us by the final day of your rental. We will continue to charge the weekly rental fee until the full price of the booth has been covered.




Rental Application


Please fill out the form below so we can send you your rental agreement. The rental process is outlined on the next page.


  1. What is your name and contact information?






  1. What dates do you need the booth?






  1. What are the billing and shipping addresses?
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  1. Are you interested in our rent-to-purchase option? __Yes