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Carry-On Tracking BoothCarry-on Vocal Booth-Pro 2.0

Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro

Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro

Buy now and Save! Get the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro at $150 off from its regular $375.79 price. Carry-On Vocal Booth is a portable sound booth that allows voice actors to make quality recording anywhere! This 12 lb mobile vocal booth folds into a travel bag and is the perfect solution for a voice actor on the go. Comes with multiple accessories to make it an all-in one recording travel studio.

With the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro, voice over actors can take control of their time and conduct their sound recordings anywhere and everywhere. This booth also is a great starter for beginners in voice acting or audio recording, who may not want a full-size vocal booth just yet but need acoustic treatment. With the Pro, voice over talent can record either standing or sitting since it has the option to be microphone mountable! Plus, this portable vocal booth folds into a handy travel bag and also includes a mini boom and no-hum light.

Carry on portable vocal boothCarry-On Vocal Booth Pro Features:

  • Great Acoustic Quality. Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro is constructed with highly sound absorbent material Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets. (NRC 0.8 or 80% sound absorption), cutting down reverberation and echo to create a flat audio recording.
  • Quick set up. The lightweight Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro can be assembled and dissembled in less than 20 seconds. Just unzip and set up -- which makes it a truly portable vocal booth and an easy choice for voice-over talents who travel often.
  • Make recordings sitting or standing. The Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro includes a support table which gives you the option to be microphone-stand mountable. The Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro includes a special Micro Mic Stand and mic bracket for your microphone.The Pro surrounds the microphone on the stand and allows the voice over actor to make recordings while standing when connected to a microphone stand! Plus, this portable booth includes a mini boom, script holder and internal light.
  • Spacious. With usable space at 22


Average customer rating:
5 stars  Total votes: 5

Customer Reviews:

east_coast_vocalgal  (Monday, 13 January 2014)
Rating: 5
Amazing product. I was able to use this portable booth at my colleague's hotel room, and it was as if I was in a prof studio. NO ECHO. I am ordering one now. FYI I also saw it on Amazon too.

  (Saturday, 04 January 2014)
Rating: 5
Great product.

deanwendt  (Wednesday, 20 November 2013)
Rating: 5
I have tried a bunch of vocal booths. Nothing compares to this. I am VERY picky. Not boxy sounding like the others. Great company and great people. HIGHLY recommend. -- Dean Wendt, Voice Actor

GKF  (Wednesday, 13 February 2013)
Rating: 4
So far I can't hear any boxiness so that makes me very happy.

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