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VocalBoothToGo.com Sponsors FAFFCON 7

VocalBoothToGo.com was a key supporting sponsor of FAFFCON 7, held Sept 18 to 21, in Phoenix AZ. FAFFCON, the voice over unconference, is a participant-driven professional development event for working voiceover industry professionals. This event is consistently credited with helping establish peer-to-peer connections between its participants in a very informal and friendly manner and helping all take their careers to the next level.

By being involved in FAFFCON, VocalBoothToGo gladly shared its experience and expertise in creating a space for home recording studios and having a recording studio away from your home studio to help professionals to be productive and independent -- whether recording at home or on the road.  VocalBoothToGo demonstrated the benefits of its Carry On Vocal Booth, which was brought to the conference as an actual carry-on on two airplanes, without any issues.

FAFFCON was a blast. Hooray to our new friends!


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Drummer, Podcaster Uses Producer’s Choice Sound Blankets to Create Drum Room and Podcasting Studio

PODCASTER AND DRUMMER USES PRODUCER'S CHOICEThis comes from award winning podcaster Michael O’Neal during a video interview with VocalBoothToGo.com. Michael is the founder and host of a nominated 2O13 Stitcher Award Best New Show, The Solopreneur Hour – Job Security for the Unemployable.  Aside from podcasting, he also is a professional drummer. The challenge of having multiple roles created a need for a professional studio space to record his podcast show but also soundproof enough so he could utilize it as a drum room – and not get into noise disturbance trouble.

‘’The houses in my neighborhood are in close quarters, about 100 years old and the rooms couldn’t be less sealed,’’ Michael told VocalBoothToGo.com.‘’ I used Gobos in the corners and behind my drum set but they really didn’t do much at all.’’

Read more here.


Traveling with the Carry-on Vocal Booth as a Carry on

We call it the Carry-on Vocal Booth. but it should be called The Ultimate Road Warrior 's Recording  Studio. But is it actually easy to travel with? Can you really carry it with you on an airplane? And, how does it sound?

How It All Works

Obviously, the main concern for most travelers is whether it can be carried on a plane as a carry-on luggage or does it have to be checked-in as baggage? Voice actors and others who have traveled around the world with the Carry-On Vocal Booth have told us that that in most cases, they have had no problem with taking the portable vocal booth on a plane. In some cases, they were asked to place it in a cargo compartment when they boarded, similar to checking in a baby stroller.

Carry-on luggage size

Although the Carry-on Vocal Booth does not exactly fit the Carry-on luggage size box, it is within the volume allowed by airline which is 9 x 14 x 22 = 2772 cubic inches. The Carry-on Vocal Booth measures 23 x 24 x 4 = 2304 cubic inches.  One might think it is a suit or garment bag. (In fact, the support tray is 22 x 22 inches, but we added couple of inches to be on the safe side.)

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Using Producer's Choice Acoustic Blankets During a Live Gig - A Musician's Own Story

by Byron Santo, Bassist, Producer, Author & Beta Tester

My background is in performing, recording and mastering, but over the last two 2 years I've been doing more live sound due to my mixer beta testing.

One issue that I have encountered as well as many other sound engineers and musicians is bad venue and stage acoustics. I have played gigs that moving one foot on stage resulted in not being able to hear oneself. I started thinking what could live performers do to alleviate these acoustical problems considering that one could not alter the physical structure of the venues or stages. After much research, I discovered VocalBoothToGo’s Producer's Choice acoustic blankets.

I decided to purchase one blanket to test. I had no experience in acoustic blankets but I did have experience in studio acoustical foam usage. After a few tests in my recording studio I decided to try the blanket in a live situation. Hanging the 6' x 8' blanket behind my drummer in an extremely bad acoustical sounding venue produced good results. The early reflections from the drums, amps and monitors were reduced resulting in a cleaner stage and PA sound. Two sound engineers were attending my gig that was familiar with the venue and its acoustical problems also heard a noticeable improvement.

Read more here.


Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro Put To Test During VOAtlanta 2014 By Voice Actor and Vocal Booth Expert

VocalBoothToGo.com presented its soundproofing and acoustic treatment products, such as the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro, at VOAtltanta 2014, the largest voice-over conference in Southeastern United States held in March. The conference boasted speakers, leaders and presenters in the voice-over industry and included voice-over professionals, trainers, coaches, agents as well as service providers.

As an exhibitor, VocalBoothToGo.com demonstrated many of its products including the Voice Over Start-up Success Kit, Soundproofer Sound Booth SB33, Producer's Choice sound blankets and the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro. The portable vocal booth was put to a real-time test by a voice actor and home studio/vocal booth expert during the event.

Read more here



carry on vocal booth with microphoneFROM TWITTER @Midatlanticvo @VocalBoothToGo

I'm using one of those myself. Cuts down noise and echo very well!

PETER GILES"In the year since I've had it [Carry-on Vocal Booth], I've recorded promos for the UFC for FOX from Berlin, MLB for FOX from Ibiza, promos for a daily show on Fox Sports and NFL network promos...and in remote locations."

Peter Giles, Voice Actor; Voice for FOX Sports' Television promos for MLB and NASCAR

James Alburger

"The Carry-On Vocal Booth is lighter, easier to use, sounds better, and, in my opinion, far more functional than any other portable VO booth I've seen. This is the only portable voiceover booth I've found that doesn't have a "boxy" sound and does a really good job of minimizing room noise . . . . I like the Carry-On much better than the others!"

James Alburger, VoiceActing.com


Recent Blog Posts

What We Learned From FaffCon7

What We Learned From FaffCon7

Yes, we were warned.

We were told that FaffCon would be different. And, Faffcon7 indeed was different than any other conference we have ever participated in because it was not structured . . . yet at the same time, it was VERY WELL organized.

This mix of free and honest communication coupled with a well-organized process created a smooth and comfortable conference. For example, events and meals were sponsored by the members of the "family" to make the atmosphere close-knit and personal. In fact, the entire set-up and the encouragement of Amy and other participants made it easy for open conversation the honest exchange of experiences and industry tips.

This was the first time we experienced a true peer-to-peer mixing of ideas, best practices and real-life situations in the voice acting industry. In these settings, we also were encouraged to participate and share some of our experiences working with voice actors and ideas for products for the voice over industry.

And, now, as we look over our notes and pictures from the event, we are excitingly coming up with plans for the next FaffCon. Next time, we are planning to host our own session such as How To's . . . How to Build a Home Vocal Booth or Recording On The Road.

Overall, it was a fantastic conference and opportunity to connect with voice actors. We will be back.


The Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro and Air Travel

The Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro and Air Travel

Often times we receive questions about the Carry-on Vocal Booth and whether it can serve as a carry-on bag or luggage during air travel. Since this portable vocal booth folds conveniently into a travel bag, looking much like a portfolio case, it can easily function as a carry on luggage during air travel on most major airlines.

Since we were planning on traveling across the country to attend FAFFCON 7 in mid September, we decided to take one along instead of shipping it with other exhibit items.

The results were just as we thought. The Carry-on Vocal Booth was easy to handle with the straps, provided ample space for other items inside the bag and didn't have to be checked-in. In fact, we actually used it during our layover. The bag also fit easily into the overhead storage since it virtually lays flat.


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VocalBoothToGo Heading to VOICE2014

For the second time, VocalBoothToGo.com will be heading to Anaheim CA at the end of August to share its innovative products for the voice acting and professional audio recording industry, such as the Carry-on Vocal Booth Pro, with attendees and guests of VOICE 2014.

This international voice over convention will bring together coaches, voice actors, and entrepreneurs from all over the world including the U.S., Canada, Germany, Argentina, and more. Held from August 27-30, 2014, at the Anaheim Hilton, Anaheim, CA, this voice over event promotes education, technology and community for voice talent at all levels of experience.

If you plan on attending the event, stop by and say hello to us at the VocalBoothToGo exhibitor booth. It's a good time to check out our products before ordering. If you would like to learn more about this voice over event, please go to the website http://voiceconvention.com/.

Russian's Yandex Purchases 10 Carry-on Vocal Booths

Yandexa Russian internet company which operates the largest search engine in Russia, purchased 10 Carry-on Vocal Booths from VocalBoothToGo. With 60% market share in that country, Yandex ranked as the 4th largest search engine worldwide with more than 150 million searches per day as of April 2012 and more than 50.5 million visitors daily as of February 2013.

Voice of America Acquires VocalBoothToGo Vocal Booth

Voice of America, an official external broadcast institution of the U.S. federal government, purchased a 3 x 3 Acoustic Vocal Booth from VocalBoothToGo.com. VOA provides a wide range of programming for broadcast on radio, TV and the internet outside of the U.S., in 43 languages.


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